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Chongxian Base

Chongxian Manufacturing Base covers the area of 24,300 sq. meters, includꦉing the b๊uilding area about 145,000 sq. meters, specialized in the design and manufacturing of boiler auxiliaries, various special equipments and heavy-duty equipments.

The environment of the park

The Chongxian manufacturing base has a nice environment, including an administration building, business building, research and development center, manufacturing center, a heavy piece🎃 workshop with 1,000 ton loading capacity, and a self-owned dock connecting to the Great Canal.Manufacturing Base of Chongxian was constructed in the north of Chongxian New Factory of Hangguo Group, neighbouring to the beautiful JInghang Ca💜nal.


The Manufacturing Center

The manufacturing center inside Chongxian manufacturing base has a container high 💝pressure workshop, a header workshop, pipe workshop, finned tube workshop, etc. Now the company has five series products, namely boiler auxiliaries series, refuse incinerator base series, shield tunneling machine series, dedicated boiler manufacturing equipment and other non-standard equipments.Now there are more than 250 employees in the company, including more than 70 professional technicians.


Shield Machine Manufacturing Center

Shield Machine Manufacturing 𒐪Center was found in 2005. We has produced, manufactured and repaired 14 shield tunnelers of various types for the enterprises at home and aboard. And the shield tunneler under the cooepration with Zhejiang University won the 2012 National First Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress.


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