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Cheng Du Base


Locating in Chengdu Shuangliu Southwest Airport Economic Development Zo𒊎ne, XIZI factory of Chengdu covers an area of 160 acres and a total investment of 300 million yuan. It only takes 15 minutes from factory to Shu🅺angliu Airport, 5 minutes to Chengya High express.


Chengdu Xi🎀zi Trust is the manufacturing base of Xizi UHC in West China. It is the most advanced manufacturing base in South-West China, and the development platform of multiple industries.


It serves the needs of branch companies u🎃nder Xizi UHC in West China market, and covers the whole ꧂industry chain of Xizi UHC in South-West and North-West China, including elevator components, boiler, boring machine, parking system, LED lighting, etc. 


At pre🦹sent the company mainly carries out design, development, manufacturing and sales of elevator/escalator com🙈ponents, and also other businesses such as subway screen doors.


The elevator components manufactured mainly are door꧃ ma🅘chine, elevator car, landing door, control cabinet, operation box, etc.


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