PSH Lifting And Sliding Type

PSH lifting and sliding type parking system is a parking way that extends the planar parking lot upwards. The type of parking system is a more commonly used parking equipment on☂ the market—it can use different types or models of parking way according to topographic features. The equipment can be set on the ground, and can also be set in the 🏅basement.

Product classification:🌃According to differ🎐ent hoisting ways, it is divided into three types: steel wire rope type, chain type and hydraulic type.

Features of equipment

1、With modular design, the parking number from several to tens of thousands of can be used. It can be used on the ground and underground par⭕king, and also can be designed as a semi-underground form, with flexible use forms.

2、Fully utili🍌zing space can greatly incr🔯ease the parking number.

3、Series and standardized design, reasonable structure, a variety of protective devi𒈔ces, safe and reliable.

4、Flexib🐻le layout, convenient combination, a variety of types can b෴e used to form a large parking lot.

5、Wiওth strong adaptability, it can be con൲structed on the ground or below the ground. It can be 2-6 layers, also can be multiple unit combination; both single-row type, and multi-row type.

6、Mode of Operation can be free to choose : button-typ𒁃e and slot reader type.

7、W🐎ith large safety factor, the system h🤪as the following safety devices:  anti-dropping device, emergency stop button, overrun protection device, front photoelectric switch, super high alarm device, etc.

1、Economic type-PSH2

Use balance chain structure, with low cost.

2、Realistic type-PSH2

Hoisting way adopts cirಞcular chain structure, and the edge beam of the parking plate is designed with the width of side beam 200mm.

3、Classical type-PSH2

Hoisting way adopts circular chain structure, and the side beam of the par✤king plate is galvaniz🥀ed. The whole steel tray has no welding line, designed according to the width of side beam 200mm.      


1、The combination of steel structure is diversified, and fron𓄧t andꦏ back is a long-span beam structure.

2、Hoisting way ;adopts chain + circu✱lar chain🏅 structure

3、The side beam of the parking plate is desigꩲned with the width of side beam 200mm.


1、The combination of steel structure is diversifiedꦉ, and fron𝓡t and back is a long-span beam structure.

2、Hoisting way adopts wire rope.

3、Low noise and convenient maintenance


1🙈. The depth of foundation pit is 20🌊00mm, entering from the middle part.

2. With conveni൲ent access , the platform are flush with the ground.

3. The sid🎐e beam of the parking plate is designed with the width of side beam 200mm.

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